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The essentials of a proposal that’s personal to your partner

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Making the decision to propose to your partner is a huge step, and one that requires plenty of thought to get just right. The perfect proposal means something different for everybody, so as you prepare to pop the question, you’ll want to make sure that any plans you make will feel truly personal and meaningful to your special someone.

Not sure where to start? Here are three essentials to remember for a proposal both you and your partner will cherish.

Choose somewhere special

There’s no ‘right’ place to propose to your other half. While some people like the idea of a grand, lavish proposal in a fancy restaurant or by a famous landmark, others prefer to share this intimate moment in the comfort of their own homes.

To figure out the best space for you, it’s best to think about a spot that means something to the both of you. This could be a location at which you’ve shared a special moment together, or a holiday destination you fell in love with as a couple. It’s key to choose somewhere that you know your partner will feel comfortable, so that you can share this moment in a way that feels meaningful and entirely authentic. 

To truly go that extra mile, you’ll want to decorate your space with some personal items once you’ve found the ideal location. You could choose to display some memorable photos of your time together, or romantic letters you’ve written to one another – you could even display significant quotes that speak to your relationship and mean something to both of you. This is a wonderful way to retrace your journey as you’ve experienced it so far, before welcoming in this exciting new chapter of your lives together.

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Curate the perfect playlist

It’s hard to imagine the perfect proposal without the addition of a little romantic music. Music truly does set the mood, and you want your partner to feel relaxed and happy the moment you get down on one knee.

You’ll want to first consider your partner’s favourite music genre – if it fits the romantic feeling of this special occasion, it may just make for the perfect proposal playlist. Having a great live band present to serenade you and your love is a wonderful way to show that you’ve gone the extra mile and to celebrate this life-changing moment.

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Involve your loved ones

Just like the perfect location and playlist, whether or not you get your loved ones involved in your proposal is a matter of preference – while some people will prefer to experience this moment one-on-one, others can’t imagine getting engaged without all their special people there to witness it.

You could choose to pop the question surrounded by family and friends, or simply ask a couple of your partner’s closest pals to help with the planning of the day. No matter how you choose to include their favourite people, doing so shows just how happy and willing you are to be included in all aspects of your partner’s life.

A special declaration of love and commitment

It’s important to take as much time as you need to plan your proposal. After all, such a pivotal moment deserves to be celebrated in a way that is meaningful and personal. If you feel you can, it’s worth having a chat with your partner in the months prior to the big day, to get a sense for the elements they believe are essential. However, no matter the plans you make, it’s the question you ask that’s most important – ultimately, your declaration of love and commitment will be special with or without the perfect location, playlist and people.

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