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Top tips for hosting a Parisian chic wedding

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Parisian chic never goes out of style. From the timeless colour palettes and classic silhouettes of the city-girl fashion to the imposing elegance of the Haussmannian architecture that lines the city’s streets, France’s buzzing capital is a hub of inspiration. It’s no wonder, then, that engaged couples across the globe hope to emulate its unique, romantic style on their wedding day.

In this article, we detail four steps to hosting the perfect Parisian chic wedding.

A stylish, sophisticated venue

Planning your wedding starts with choosing the right venue, and when it comes to picking something in keeping with Parisian tastes, it’s going to need to be classic and refined. Many couples opt to stick to the city theme, and choose a stylish, sophisticated venue – you may want to host your ceremony on a quaint rooftop terrace followed by a reception party in a grand five-star hotel.

Luckily, as long as you host your big day in Paris, most of your work is done. Just be sure to choose a venue with a view of the Eiffel Tower, for an added touch of magic on your big day.

A Parisian colour palette

Paris is a forward-thinking city, with many couples here committed to living a sustainable lifestyle. For the perfect wedding decor, be sure to do as the Parisians do, by sourcing local artisan decorations and purchasing stunning seasonal flowers. Using local suppliers close to the city is a great way to reduce the eco impact of your celebration, while also ensuring your Francophile theme is consistent throughout every minor detail.

Don’t forget to use a colour palette that incorporates plenty of soft neutrals and pastel tones – the kind of shades that are reflected in the cityscape itself. You may want to emulate the warm golden glow of the Eiffel Tower at night, or adopt the cool tones mirrored in the Arc de Triomphe. Be sure to add rich pops of colour, such as the velvet reds or jewel-toned blues seen in the Élysée Palace. For a little extra opulence, make use of gilded decor items – this would work particularly well as part of your wedding breakfast setup, for little touches of gold that’ll glisten across your dinner tables.

An effortless bridal look

Parisian wedding dresses are feminine and delicate, but in keeping with modern tastes. It’s important to keep things easy and effortless – brides in France tend to wear the usual white gown and veil in a variety of fabrics and silhouettes, but skip on the diamantés and excess jewellery. The key is to keep it simple, clean, and timeless, for a look that’ll always be in fashion.

Most brides choose to mirror this simplicity in their hair and makeup looks, opting for a graceful ballerina bun and subtle makeup that feels fresh and complements their natural beauty.

Incorporate French customs

All that’s left for the perfect Parisian chic wedding is to make use of a few fun French traditions. Whether you choose to incorporate a little subtle luxury with the addition of a champagne fountain or go all out with a ceremony of white ribbon-cutting, any number of these customs will make for the perfect addition to your Parisian-inspired day.

The beauty of a Parisian chic wedding is that it’s both classy and timeless – and you’re unlikely to encounter another bride who’s hosted such a sophisticated and stylish wedding celebration. Once the big day’s over, don’t forget to stick around for a day or two in the city, to enjoy some great views, tasty cuisines, and a variety of must-have cultural experiences.