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Marrakech: The Dream Proposal Destination

dîner demande en mariage marrakech

Marrakech, the jewel of the Orient, welcomes you to write the first chapter of a legendary love story. Here, love is lived and celebrated with a passion that transcends ages, inviting you to seal your union in the heart of its enchanting heritage. Come and discover the city of love in oriental style, where every promise of union becomes a romantic epic. Marrakech is the best destination for your romantic marriage proposal.

Oriental Picnic in the Palmeraie

Imagine a place where nature and oriental decor come together to create the ultimate scene of romance: Marrakech’s Palmeraie. As the sun gently sets, arrive on camelback with your loved one, unaware of the surprise awaiting. Amidst the Palmeraie, an oriental setting awaits you: a luxury picnic with Moroccan flavors, Berber rugs, cushions, lanterns and candles lit. A beautiful setting for every couple ready to commit for life. In this oasis, be ready to ask the most important question of your life: “Will you marry me?”

romantic proposal picnic in Marrakech

Marriage proposal in the Air: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Surprise your beloved with a romantic hot air balloon ride over the magnificent desert. Follow a path of rose petals, ready to take off for a unique moment. Floating in this beautiful landscape, the world seems to fade away, leaving room for a suspended moment. Onboard your private hot air balloon adorned with floral arrangements, be charmed by the first rays of sunlight. Captivated by the beauty of the view, don’t forget to savor the breakfast served on board. It’s in this suspended moment in the air that you can pop the big question, “Will you marry me?”

Hot air balloon marriage proposal

Gardens of Marrakech : your romantic marriage proposal

Lose yourselves in Marrakech’s secret gardens where each alley tells a story. Surprise your future fiancé(e) with a specially prepared decor. Envision an idyllic setting: the floor covered in rose petals, shimmering candles… Surrender to the melody of a violinist guiding your steps. Don’t worry about a thing and live in the moment. Your memories will be etched during a photo session in the gardens of the ochre city. It’s the best time to make your proposal.

Romantic garden proposal in Marrakech

Declaration in the Agafay Desert

There’s a place where silence speaks, where the vastness of the desert takes you into an intimate and romantic bubble: Agafay. Far from the city’s hustle, take a ride towards an exceptional surprise. Embedded in the sand, illuminated letters “Marry Me” welcome you. Surrounded by a bed of rose petals, floral arrangements and hundred of candles create the perfect setting for you. And as dusk envelops the desert, another option presents itself: flaming letters “Will You Marry Me” ablaze in the night, offering a breathtaking spectacle. It has the wow effect that’ll remain in her mind for a lifetime.

marry me letters in fire desert

A private dinner at a Marrakech Palace

For those seeking a romantic experience, Marrakech offers the opportunity to organize private and romantic dinners in a majestic palace.

The palace is a picturesque and iconic setting to celebrate love, subtly blending Moroccan traditions with an intimate atmosphere.

A romantic dinner in a palace in Marrakech is an ideal option to create an unforgettable memory during a marriage proposal.

private romantic proposal dinner in a palace

Marrakech Desert : Romantic Night Under the Stars

Experience total immersion with our package: a night in the desert. Surprise your partner by arriving in a specially arranged and decorated tent to create an ideal cocoon. Illuminated by candles and scattered with rose petals, you’ll be immersed in an intimate and romantic atmosphere, perfect for a night under the starry sky.

romantic fairy light in the desert Marrakech

Marrakech is the perfect city for a proposal as unique and vibrant as the love you share. Each setting described here is just a glimpse of the infinite possibilities awaiting you in this ochre city. If these romance tales have touched you and the call of the heart leads you to these dreamlands, feel free to contact us. Together, we will make your marriage proposal a celebration of love in the splendor of Marrakech. Marrakech awaits you. And so do we.

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