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When is the best time to propose in Paris ?

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Paris, city of love by excellence, driven by crazy love and haute couture, puts sparkles in every woman’s eyes. It’s decided, you want to propose to your loved one in this special city. But the question you ask yourself is when ? When will it be most magical ?

The answer is that it depends on what you expect. And we are going to guide you through every possibility ! Then, we will expose the pros and the cons if you either want your proposal to be during the day or at night.

1 – In Spring

This particular season will allow you to have a nice and fresh breeze, a weather that isn’t actually really hot in France, but warm and sunny. The sky will have light white clouds that will look like cotton candy and the smell of flowers and trees will for sure be very soothing.

2 – In Summer

Summer is the perfect season for those who want bright and sunny engagement pictures. The whole city is joyful and full of life. You will for sure not forget your vacation under the french sun. Although don’t be fooled, temperatures can get high during this season !

3 – In automn

If you don’t really enjoy too hot days and want those beautiful red, orange and yellowy leaves to be surrounded by, Paris in automn is made for you ! You will be able to visit the city without beeing too easily tired, and at the best moment, you will kneel down and ask that special question to your other half !

4 – In Winter

Unfortunately, Paris can never predict if it will be snowing or not during winter season. Some years can be very white, others just cold. But either way, if that’s the season you enjoy most, Paris keeps its charm the whle round, so don’t be shy ! Your love for sure will keep both of you warm, and your surprise proposal will be even more unexpected.

5 – During the Day

This time is great if you want to make a proposal in a park, a garden, etc. It will allow us to also put more decorations and have better pictures, thanks to the natural light.

6 – During a Sunset

For this one, the moment will surely look magical, and the pictures absolutely gorgeous.  

7 – At Night

Night is the most romantic moment of the day, and gives you the possibility to see the Eiffel Tower illuminated. The decoration lights will also be much more vibrant. Nonetheless, the pictures might be slightly less qualitative, due to the lack of natural light, but our professional photographers will do whatever that is in their power to give you the best results.

You now have all the indications and details to help you choose the right time to come to Paris to make your proposal. Once you will have your ideas straight, don’t hesitate to look at our packages and contact us !