You can buy a ring, but you can never change a memory.

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Proposal packages in paris

We have selected for you the bests proposal ideas in Paris. Different scenarios are presented to you and can suit each couple. All these proposals can be customized.

Paris, city of love, opens its arms and welcomes you on its roofs for a romantic and original marriage proposal. Enjoy an unobstructed view over the Eiffel Tower and offer your beloved a moment as incredible as unforgettable during a rooftop proposal in Paris. The French capital is the ideal city to ask for the hand of your other half, whether it’s a surprise shared in public or in private.

Each couple has their own story

Since each couple is unique, your proposal should be too. For this, the Entremetteuses have prepared a non-exhaustive list of possible scenarios, from the most classic to the most original. To select the best Paris proposal ideas that meet all your expectations, our team will listen to your needs and offer you the most suitable solution.

However, if you already have an idea of ​​a romantic or original marriage proposal in mind, do not hesitate to let us know about that, we will be able to provide you with the best advice !

Rooftop proposal Kleber (with 1 night stay)

Discover all the beauty of Paris from this amazing and intimate rootop.  Included

  • 1 night stay at the duplex
  • snacks
  • 1 bottle of champagne
  • decoration (balloons, flowers, candles, rose petals, marry me letters)
  • music
  • photographer
from 2890€

Rooftop proposal Arc de Triomphe
Paris rooftop

Enter this luxury venue where you will be escorted by a butler, get into your private elevator to reach this romantic and intimate terrace. The dream cocoon for your rooftop proposal in Paris.       Included

  • Rental venue 1hr
  • Decoration (candles, balloons, rose petals, carpet, marry me letters)
  • music 
  • private butler
  • champagne
from 1290€

Rooftop proposal Lourmel
romantic proposal in paris

Blindfold her until you reach the 16th floor, you will arrive on an exceptional rooftop (non private) with a view of the Eiffel Tower, enough to put stars in her eyes. Included

  • Rooftop entrance
  • Big marry me letters
  • Decoration (carpet, candles, rose petals)
  • Music
from 990€

Big letters proposal
Marry me lettres géantes paris

Wherever you want in Paris, we will put this big letters for you to claim your love to your partner.  Included

  • Big letters 
  • Decoration (carpet, rose petals, candles)
  • Music
from 1090€

Private yacht proposal
private yacht paris proposal

Enjoy a spacious private yacht on a cruise along the Seine. Included :

  • 2h yacht cruise (can be covered if it rains)
  • Captain & butler on board
  • Music
  • Drinks
from 1690€

Cinderella horse carriage proposal
Paris proposal planner

Grab your horse carriage and make her live like Cinderella in the Paris of the 18th century. Included

  • 1hr ride in the cinderella carriage
  • pick up / drop off at the eiffel tower
  • “Will you marry me” cakes
  • Champagne
from 970€

Romantic table proposal
demande en mariage Paris quai de seine

At the end of your walk on the quai Seine, you will find a beautiful arch covered with flowers and a romantic table, to enjoy the exceptional view of the Eiffel Tower with lights up.

You can toast to your future life together.

from 950€

Cinema proposal
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Go downstairs to discover a small vaulted room with exposed stones. You will see a totally private screening with the film (or personalized video), some popcorn and a bottle of champagne for a very intimate moment.  Included

  • Rental venue for 2hrs
  • Decoration (carpet, table, candles, cushion, led lights..)
  • Private screening
  • Snacks & Champagne
from 890€

Room makeover proposal

When you return to your hotel room or apartment, you will discover a true fairy tale set up.  Included

  • “Marry me” letters
  • Decoration (candles, balloons, led lights, rose petals…)
  • Champagne 
  • Music 
from 790€

Romantic pic nic

Take her to the quai de Seine and enjoy a romantic picnic

Included : 

  • Decoration (candles, rose petals, balloons)
  • Snacks & champagne
  • Music 
from 690€

Staircase proposal
idée demande en mariage paris

Walk around Paris streets until you find the most beautiful staircase of Paris. 

Included : 

  • Marry me letters 
  • Decoration (candles, rose petals, balloons)
  • Music
from 650€

Serenade proposal

Paris with some music is like pure romantism.

Included : 

  • 2 songs of your choice 
  • Decoration (candles, rose petals, balloons)
from 590€

Personalized arch proposal
paris proposal planner

We will set up this beautiful arch wherever you want in Paris – we recommend a park or the quai de Seine. It will be all personalized for you with flowers, lighting, rose petals, marry me sign and pictures of you. 

from 590€

Romantic decor proposal
paris proposal planner

This romantic set up could be done wherever you want in Paris. 

Included : 

  • Decoration : Marry me letters, candles, balloons
  • Music 
from 490€

idée demande en mariage Paris

During your boat trip, make a special stop under a weeping willow.     Included

  • Decoration (lounge area, with cushion 
  • Music 
  • Champagne
  • Snacks
from 490€

Photoshooting proposal

Make her believe you offer her a couple photo shooting to capture your love, but that’s just an excuse to get you down on one knee once her back is turned.

Included : 30 min photoshooting 

from 300€

Marriage proposal planner Paris

You can buy a ring, but you can never change a memory.


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