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How to propose in Paris during spring ?

Paris in spring

Spring is coming soon ! What do you think about a proposal in Paris during the spring ? 

Les Entremetteuses  can give you some ideas and inspirations to make this day as beautiful as possible.

Paris in spring

The most incredible proposals in Paris during the spring:

Why Paris in spring ?

To begin, Paris is the city of love and romantism. Then, the spring is the perfect season to propose in exterior to your partner. In fact, the weather is mild and the journey are more longer than winter’s days. In addition, you will see at the birth of the flowers.

Some places in Paris where you can get engaged : 

In Paris, there are many places to do your proposal and to make it unique. It can be next to a famous monument like the Eiffel Tower, a district of the town or in a floral garden. To help you in your choice, we have made a list of several Parisian places for your engagement.

Near the Eiffel Tower :

The Eiffel Tower is THE symbol of our town. In addition, there are gardens around which can offer you a magnificent and unforgettable setting. This green space in the center of Paris permit some walks between flowerbeds, trees and benches.

In Montmartre :

On his hill, the district of Montmartre is the famous one of Paris. He kept his small village’s atmosphere that artists have loved so much for centuries. In spring, Montmartre is a beautiful green setting, there are lot of plants, flowers and vineyards.

On the banks of the Seine :

The banks of the Seine are symbolic in Paris. From these, you can admired the most famous monuments of the town. The emerging vegetation will offer you a peaceful atmosphere, you can also take a break on a bench under a tree. It’s also possible to proposer to your partner on a yacht on the Seine.

On the roofs of the city :

The spring’s temperatures are pleasant and mild, so you can take the opportunity to gain height on the roofs. For this, there are different rooftops. We can lead you in your choice for this important day.

Some balconies of Parisian hotels can also bring you a beautiful view on the town, for example the Pullman hotel next to the Eiffel Tower.

In Parisian parks and gardens :

You want to make your proposal in a floral atmosphere ? We have the solution ! In Paris we have many parks that wake up in spring after winter months. You can choose a garden for different criteria, for example, if you want a fountain. 

To find the perfect place for your moment, you can check our article on the best place in Paris to do your proposal.

Now, you know the best places to do your proposal in Paris during the spring. Don’t hesitate to contact us to make this day, an unforgettable day.