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French songs for your proposal in Paris

best paris love songs proposal

Our unique proposal playlist gathers the best French romantic songs to set the mood of your proposal in Paris.

That’s it. It is time. You’ve decided to bend the knee, share one more time the way you feel and ask your loved one to become husband and wife -and you chose to do it in the city of love, no less.. Paris, France.

There are many ways to propose to your partner, whether it is intimate at a romantic dinner, public with a flash mob or unusual in a hot air balloon. Music is the extra detail that makes the moment very emotional.

To make it easier for you, Les Entremetteuses listed the most romantic French songs.

Why does a great piece of music make all the difference?

According to us, music is one of the best way to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Professional song writers sometimes describe feelings better than we could. They find a way to assemble the words and express thoughts, emotions you feel and want to share. As for the singers, they interpret and bring to life those lyrics, give them substance and set a mood.

Above all, it is an event that will have a song to refer to. It will remind you of this particular moment any time you will hear that same piece of music in the future.

Music is a major detail that engraves the memory in time.

How to choose the right song?

We understand that it can be difficult to make your choice, as you are nervous to make the right one. You want your proposal to be unique as you ask your partner to marry you and spend the rest of your lives together.

Since you are in Paris for the occasion, we advise you to opt for a French song. Your other half will be delighted by this romantic gesture.

You can go for famous artists or create a personalized moment by choosing a song you both hold dear, that has a special meaning or relevant lyrics. However, since French is probably not your native language, mind the song you will choose. You don’t want to discover years after your proposal that the song you played was about anything but love!

If you are in need of inspiration, let us guide you with our pick of the best French proposal songs.

With over 3 hours of music, the perfect track awaits for you: from Edith Piaf to Dalida, Brigitte Bardot to Jacques Brel and many others…

Check out which tracks are part of our special French list in the following link: Paris Love Songs, by Les Entremetteuses.


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