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In Search of Christmas Magic: Unforgettable Marriage Proposals in Paris

cinderella carriage Paris in Christmas for a marriage proposal

Paris, the city of love, adorns itself with its finest during the enchanting Christmas season. And what could be more romantic than asking for your beloved’s hand in the heart of this winter magic? To help you create a moment as unique as your love, Les Entremetteuses Paris offers three packages specially designed for memorable marriage proposals during the holiday season.

1. Cinderella Carriage: A Modern Fairy Tale Immerse yourself in a modern fairy tale with the “Cinderella Carriage” package. Picture yourself strolling through the streets of Paris, starting from the majestic Eiffel Tower. The coachman will drop you off at the famous Place Vendôme, adorned with magnificent Christmas trees. A mannequin in a beautiful Cinderella dress, followed by a small glass slipper on a pedestal, will set the perfect scene for your marriage proposal.

cinderella carriage Paris in Christmas for a marriage proposal

Included in the package:

  • 1-hour carriage ride in the Cinderella carriage.
  • Champagne bottle to celebrate the magical moment.
  • Mannequin in a Cinderella dress.
  • Transparent pedestal with a glass slipper.
  • Music played on a speaker.
  • Complete organization and coordination. Price: Starting from €1690

This package can be fully customized based on your preferences and budget to make this moment even more special.

2. Christmas Gospel: A Symphony of Love If you dream of a marriage proposal filled with spirituality and warmth, the “Christmas Gospel” package is tailor-made for you. Head to Place Vendôme, where a gospel choir of three singers will create a magical and memorable atmosphere, incorporating your loved one’s name into the final song. At the end, the three singers will reveal their personalized t-shirts with the messages: “Will you marry me…”

Choral custom made marriage proposal

Included in the package:

  • Three gospel singers for a unique musical experience.
  • Three personalized t-shirts with the messages “Will you,” “Marry me,” and your beloved’s name.
  • Complete organization and coordination. Price: Starting from €1150

This package can be adapted to your desires to ensure a personalized marriage proposal.

Click here to watch the video of this package

3. Gift Catcher: A Festive Marriage Proposal Turn your marriage proposal into a celebration with the “Gift Catcher” package. This gift-catching machine, reminiscent of the atmosphere of funfairs, will create a festive and original ambiance.

Christmas marriage proposal in Paris

Included in the package:

  • Rental of the gift-catching machine.
  • Delivery, installation, and retrieval of the machine for a hassle-free experience.
  • Interior decoration with a small Santa Claus.
  • Sticker “Merry Christmas – Catch me if you can” for a playful touch.
  • Creation of gifts in various sizes.
  • Inclusion of a note inside the gifts with the proposal “Will you marry me.”
  • Music played on a speaker for a joyful atmosphere. Price: Starting from €890

Customize this package according to your preferences and budget for a marriage proposal as unique as your love.

Conclusion With these packages specially designed for the Christmas season by Les Entremetteuses Paris, your marriage proposal will be more than just a moment. It will become a story you will cherish forever, a magical chapter in your history. So, let yourself be carried away by the magic of Paris and make your marriage proposal a memory eternally engraved in your heart.