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Top 10 Romantic Elopement Private Locations in Paris

In the heart of Paris, amidst its timeless allure, lies a selection of exclusive venues perfect for intimate elopements. From luxurious hotel suites to private rooftops with panoramic views. These hidden gems offer couples the ultimate setting for their special day. Join us as we uncover Paris’s most sought-after locations for private elopements. Where romance […]

Top 15 Romantic Elopement public Locations in Paris

Paris, the city of romance, provides a magical setting for an elopement. With its iconic landmarks and hidden gardens, this enchanting city is ideal for declaring your love in an intimate ceremony. From the scenic views of Montmartre to the quiet charm of the Seine’s banks, each location offers a unique backdrop that promises to […]

Your Elopement Photo Shoot Journey in Paris

Romantic elopement Paris

Paris, the city of eternal love, offers the perfect setting to celebrate your union with an elopement. In this city, where every street corner tells a love story. It promises an intimate and memorable ceremony, followed by a photo session through its legendary avenues and secret gardens. Imagine exchanging your vows in front of the […]

Your elopement ceremony in Paris

Paris elopement planner

When it comes to tying the knot in the City of Love, traditional weddings may not always fit the bill. That’s where elopement ceremonies swoop in, offering couples an intimate and unforgettable way to say “I do” amidst the romantic backdrop of Paris. But what exactly goes into making an elopement ceremony in Paris so […]

Top 8 Best Places for a proposal in Ibiza

Best view spot in ibiza

Our specialty is marriage proposals, and our agency has had the opportunity to work in Ibiza. Therefore, we’ve taken the chance to rank our favorite places for the perfect marriage proposal in Ibiza. 1. The Private Villa with a Sea View Ibiza offers a plethora of choices for those in search of an exceptional location. […]

Top tips for hosting a Parisian chic wedding

wedding in Paris

Parisian chic never goes out of style. From the timeless colour palettes and classic silhouettes of the city-girl fashion to the imposing elegance of the Haussmannian architecture that lines the city’s streets, France’s buzzing capital is a hub of inspiration. It’s no wonder, then, that engaged couples across the globe hope to emulate its unique, […]

The essentials of a proposal that’s personal to your partner

will you marry me eiffel tower

Making the decision to propose to your partner is a huge step, and one that requires plenty of thought to get just right. The perfect proposal means something different for everybody, so as you prepare to pop the question, you’ll want to make sure that any plans you make will feel truly personal and meaningful […]

Marrakech: The Dream Proposal Destination

dîner demande en mariage marrakech

Marrakech, the jewel of the Orient, welcomes you to write the first chapter of a legendary love story. Here, love is lived and celebrated with a passion that transcends ages, inviting you to seal your union in the heart of its enchanting heritage. Come and discover the city of love in oriental style, where every […]

Parisian Rooftop Proposals That Redefine Romance

rooftop romantic proposal Paris

In the heart of Paris, where every corner emits romance, we bring you a curated collection of rooftop proposal venues. It’s a promise to elevate love to new heights. Imagine the glittering Eiffel Tower as the backdrop, casting its enchanting glow over your special moment. Our rooftop proposals are meticulously designed to leave an incredible […]