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Where can you plan a proposal ?

We are Paris’ experts, because we born and we grew up there.
But we are able to plan proposals everywhere you want in France and in the world. 

why hire les entremetteuses ?

Every woman dream about their fairytale proposal, this unique moment that belongs to them. They love sharing the story of their proposal to their friends, and maybe to your children later, telling them that you’re so romantic and the best fiancé in the world ! 
Les Entremetteuses help you plan the perfect proposal for your loved one, the proposal who will surprise her, and make her heart melt. Because she deserves that, of course.                                                                                                                                                                                                                We propose personnalized ideas and a bespoke event, with all logistical issues handled, for a stress free event. We take care of all the suppliers, the minute by minute timeline for the biggest surprise at the end. You will just get down on one knee, pop the question, and enjoy the moment. 

how do you do to personnalize the proposals ?

We send you a questionnaire with all the questions required to know you, your loved one and your relationship. We’ll think about an event very touching for her because we’ll add a lot of details, and reference to your love story. 

can you help with the ring ?

We will be delighted to present you our partner who makes tailor made jewelry.                                                                                                                          To have further ideas about the ring, we can look at our blog, Pinterest or Instagram. Then, you can start your investigation with her best friend, her mother, sisters, etc …

why the proposal is so important ?

The marriage proposal is ranked on the top 3 of the most important events of a lifetime (with the child’s birth and the wedding). 
However 80% of women tell that they were disappointed by their proposal. 
With Instagram, women see hundred of magical proposal set-ups, and they secretly dream about sharing their perfect one.