You can buy a ring, but you can never change a memory.

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“A la carte” proposals

You need help to plan a creative proposal that will make her dream but you don’t have the budget to hire a full Proposal Planning service ? You can find what matches you in “à la carte” proposals. 
“DIY Proposal” : Plan your proposal from A to Z by yourself using all our tools.
“Les Entremetteuses propose” : you miss the idea, we give you 2 customized.
“Les Entremetteuses execute” : You already have the idea in mind, but don’t want to manage the logistic part.

Do It Yourself Proposal


  • A webinar – 20min – with all our tips
  • A personal questionnaire to find the idea
  • A 1 week to do list
  • A timeline example
  • 2 Email with an Entremetteuse

Les Entremetteuses propose


  • A personal questionnaire about your relationship
  • In 4 days, you will receive 2 customized ideas
  • 30 min consultation with an Entremetteuse to talk about the process and logistic. 

Les Entremetteuses execute


Les entremetteuses exécutent
  • Booking and negociation of suppliers
  • Budget management
  • Event coordination by an Entremetteuse
  • Arrangements supervision

Marriage proposal planner Paris

You can buy a ring, but you can never change a memory.


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