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“A la carte” proposals

We know perfectly well how difficult it can be to create an original proposal without falling into the cliché or the absurd. If you are lacking inspiration, need help imagining or organizing the ideal marriage proposal, but don’t have the budget to hire a Proposal Planner, you will surely find what you are looking for in “à la carte” proposals.

We propose 3 solutions adapted to your desires and your budget.

“DIY Proposal” : Plan your proposal from A to Z by yourself using all our tools.

“Les Entremetteuses propose” : You don’t have the idea, we offer 2 personalized solutions.

“Les Entremetteuses execute” : You already have the idea, but you don’t want to manage the organization.

Do It Yourself Proposal


  • A webinar – 20min – with all our tips
  • A personal questionnaire to find the idea
  • A 1 week to do list
  • A timeline example
  • 2 Email with an Entremetteuse

Les Entremetteuses propose


  • A personal questionnaire about your relationship
  • In 4 days, you will receive 2 customized ideas
  • 30 min consultation with an Entremetteuse to talk about the process and logistic. 

Les Entremetteuses execute


Les entremetteuses exécutent
  • Booking and negociation of suppliers
  • Budget management
  • Event coordination by an Entremetteuse
  • Arrangements supervision